SCORM Content Packages

A SCORM content package is a self-contained ZIP file containing certain contents defined by the SCORM standard. The file is known as a Package Interchange File (PIF) and it contains all files needed to deliver the content package via a SCORM run-time environment and/or learning management system (LMS).

    Mandatory Content Package contents:
  • XML manifest file (imsmanifest.xml)
  • All schema/definition (.xsd and .dtd) files referenced by the manifest file
  • All resource files used by the content package and its learning activities

All the files that make up a content package must fit within the same directory tree structure within the PIF file. Your package may group everything into a single directory, or it may use sub-directories within the root (e.g. one directory for each SCO). All files used by the content package must be within the content package. References to external files or absolute URLs are not allowed.

Trident Resource Navigator

The image shows an "empty" content package as viewed in Trident's resource navigator. The content package is described as empty because it does not contain any content resources, such as SCOs or Assets. The files in addition to the imsmanifest.xml file are the schema/definition files for the manifest.

The manifest file (imsmanifest.xml) describes the content package and is selected in the image. Every SCORM content package contains an imsmanifest.xml file in its root.

All of the other files in the shown package are .xsd and .dtd files for validating the XML manifest file. These files describe the manifest format and must also appear in the root of the content package.

The directories in the package (common, extend, unique, vocab) also contain schema files. Specifically, the schema files in these folders are used for validating XML metadata that the manifest contains or references.

The SCORM Content Aggregation Model (CAM) book document defines the components of a SCORM package. The SCORM Conformance Requirements document specifies in detail how to verify that package is conformant.

Trident will automatically create the files as shown when you create a new content package project. This allows you to focus on creating the learning objects, such as SCOs and other assets, that your content package will contain and deliver.

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