Trident - Releases Notes

Trident: 1.1 Release

  • Manifest Validation: Advanced Dialog New Feature
    Advanced Content Package validation has been added. The manifest editor action now triggers a dialog showing validation steps.

  • Open Content Package action New Feature
    Open Content Package action added to "File > New" menu.

  • Licensed Updates New Feature
    Software update functionality improved.

  • Cheatsheet support New Feature
    Cheat Sheet support has been added. The "Creating a Content Package" cheat sheet is displayed on startup.

  • Context-sensitive Help support New Feature
    Context-sensitve help support added.

  • Improved installers (one w/ JRE, one w/o JRE) New Feature
    Trident is now available as installer with or without the Java Runtime Environment.

  • Manifest Metadata should not be draggable
    Manifest Metadata element can no longer be dragged to another element in the Manifest tree.

  • Resources cannot be self-dependencies
    Resources can no longer be made dependencies of themselves.

  • Update Help Docs: manifest editor actions
    Help docs have been updated to reflect updated manifest editor actions.

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