Trident - Releases Notes

Trident: 1.1.1 Update

  • Save content package fails
    Sometimes saving a content package to a ZIP file would fail if you recently updated files inside of the content package outside of Trident. This problem was fixed as the project is now refreshed before zipping.

  • Trial License Expires date
    The expiration dates of trial licenses were not being calculated properly, but now they are. Existing trial licenses will work properly (and get their full intended active days).

  • Folder drag-n-drop to Resources
    Drag-n-drop for Resources, from the resource navigator to the manifest tree, improved. Directories can now be dragged to Resources as well.

  • Error in Content Package Wizard
    There was a problem with auto-select of radio buttons based on changing locations (from default to a folder with an existing manifest then back to default) that is now fixed.

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