Trident - Releases Notes

Trident: 1.1.2 Update

  • Decorate Activities with Resource New Feature
    Icons for activities that reference a resource have been updated.

  • Resource File/Dependency editor page New Feature
    Clicking on a Resource File or Dependency element in the manifest tree will now open a simple editor page for the elements.

  • Metadata support with and without namespaces
    Metadata with and without namespaces are supported in the metadata editor forms. Previously only metadata with namespaces (i.e. <lom:lom>) was supported.

  • Error dragging Resource
    Problems relating to dragging and dropping files and directories to the manifest tree Resource(s) elements have been fixed.

  • Content Package Template: Manifest file
    The content package template manifest file has been slightly updated. The default version is now "1.0" instead of "1.3" and comment has been added noting that the file was created with Trident.

  • Update Schema files in CP template
    The lastest versions of the manifest and metadata schema files (.xsd and .dtd) have been included.

  • Resource Editor Form issues
    Resource editor form has been updated. One significant change is the separation of tables/lists for Resource File and Dependencies.

  • Resource/File Icons confusing
    Icons for resources and resource file/dependencies have been updated to be less confusing.

  • Error opening ADL example content packages
    Trident is now more tolerant of opening up "bad" content packages and/or ZIP files. Failure of auto-build validation will no longer cause an annoying error dialog.

  • Form Editor saving problems
    Pressing "Ctrl + S" from within a manifest editor form will now save the manifest. Also, a problem with saving resulting from editing then closing the editor has been fixed.

  • New Content Package Project: no imsmanifest.xml
    User will be warned if opening a "content package" ZIP file that does not have an imsmanifest.xml file.

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