Trident - Releases Notes

Trident 1.X: 1.2.4 Update

  • Rollup Rule Dialog: minimumCount/minimumPercent attributes New Feature
    The Rollup Rule form dialog now has fields for editing minimumCount and minimPercent attributes.

  • Prompt to save open editors before saving Content Package New Feature
    When selecting the "Save Content Package" action, if there are any open/dirty editors for the package/project, a prompt to save the editors will appear before saving the package.

  • Resource <metadata> location
    <resource> element <metadata> is now correctly added before <file>/<dependency> elements.

  • Objectives: Editing and Saving
    Removing all the children from the <objectives> element will cause the <objectives> element to be removed as well. Also, deleting the first/primary objective will cause the first remaining element to be renamed as <primaryObjective>.

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