Trident - Releases Notes

Trident 2.X: 2.0.3

  • Content Package Validation Bug
    A bug in the SCORM package validation feature has been fixed. This fixes a rarely occurring problem that would sometimes prematurely stop validation before finishing.

  • Sequencing Rule dialog error
    A bug has been fixed in the Sequencing Rule dialog to properly display objective IDs.

  • NullPointerException creating Project in existing directory
    A bug has been fixed which report an error when creating a new SCORM package project in an existing directory with content.

  • Objective Dialog field borders
    The Objective dialog now has all fields properly bordered.

  • Endless Loop of Uncloseable Run-Time Window
    A bug has been fixed which would sometimes keep Trident from closing when a package was launched in Runtime mode.

  • cmi.completion_status default value should be "unknown"
    The cmi.completion_status data model element now has a default value of "unknown" when a SCO is launched for the first time in Runtime mode.

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